What is Data Science Consulting?

Data Science Consulting

Data science. Two words that have been all around us in the recent past. Regardless of whether you have any knowledge of this industry, data science is a field that contains a large number of different disciplines, and data science consulting is one of them. 

However, although the interest and demand for data science consulting are high, people still do not know what it really is. Therefore, this article will provide a concise overview of data science consulting and introduce you to the stages and methodology of this popular and prosperous field.


The Difference Between IT and Data Science Consulting

The demand for data science has increased fivefold compared to previous years. However, many people still wonder what the difference is between the standard and already well-known IT consulting and data science consulting. The key distinction is that data science consultants create functional solutions for their clients so that they can use them on their own – without needing help from IT or data science experts.


What Exactly is Data Science Consulting?

The answer is quite simple. Data science consulting involves creating solutions for each and every issue the client has. Aside from this, it also includes teaching the client how to analyze the processes independently, without any assistance. All of this has one goal, which is to simplify the tasks and procedures so that each business can operate more efficiently. 

The entire process is divided into the following four stages:

  • Creating a work and diagnosis methodology 
  • Validation
  • Development
  • Mentoring and training 

Creating a Work and Diagnosis Methodology 

The data collection and analysis methods can vary depending on the industry in which the client operates. Additionally, each business has different goals which can be achieved in various ways. Still, regardless of the client’s industry, the key to success is the cooperation between the different departments in the company, especially between the business and IT departments, which is essential for problem-solving.


The validation process is a crucial and necessary step for identifying the appropriate work methodology. Although the methodology can be set in a short amount of time (especially when there is an emergency), the implementation of the methodology can take months to complete. In many projects, due to time constraints, the creation and validation of the work methodology are carried out by one team. 


Designing and building data-driven processes and solutions that are implemented in the company’s IT infrastructure are part of the development process. In this stage, the IT skills that data science consultants possess are of vital importance. Additionally, this stage focuses on creating custom solutions that address the specific issue the client has. 

Mentoring and Training

Building a long-term, stable solution depends on mentoring and training the clients themselves. In fact, proper mentoring is vital because the team itself should be well-informed about the process so they can contribute to improving the solution. Additionally, through mentoring, the team can continue working on and monitoring the solution after the consulting project has ended.


Data Science Consulting in Macedonia

The need for data science consulting continues to grow due to the new opportunities that data science has created for industries such as banking, finance, medicine, insurance, e-commerce, gaming, and even travel and government agencies. 

The first Macedonian company to provide data science consulting services is Data Masters. Our expert consultants, who work on national and international projects every day, are here to help you grow, develop, and expand your business and achieve your goals by using the latest methods and methodologies. We will also ensure that the solutions we create together are long-term by mentoring and training you and your team to effectively use them without any assistance. 

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