Tailor-Made Trainings for Companies

Tailor-made training dedicated to solving organizational business challenges by using the power of data.

Why Tailor-Made Trainings?

Our tailor-made training is designed to help companies achieve their maximum potential. Data Masters’ domain expertise, combined with our extensive experience, is the perfect mixture to create and adjust the curriculum to correlate with your organization’s needs.

One of the key differentiators in our offer is the international experience of our consultants. They create a thorough business approach that guarantees results because your employees will learn based on your examples and data, thus creating a solution that correlates with your internal company policy.

All of the practical exercises are based on one or more business challenges identified in the analysis phase and when the curriculum is being tailored to your needs. The main goal of the training is to create a solution for a specific business challenge by using the tools from the curriculum.

Data Masters Methodology

A large portion of businesses are facing unique data challenges that require a thorough approach to solve them.

Our methodology (a combination of consulting, implementation, and education), which we apply as part of our tailor-made training, is a highly recommended approach for creating long-term solutions.

With this approach, your organization receives a practical, tailor-made solution built by leveraging your company data and training your employees to use it.

During the training, with the help of our consultants and lecturers, your business will go through these three phases:


Analysis of Business Processes

During this phase, our most experienced consultants will analyze the business processes, which is a crucial element for creating tailor-made training. With these results, we will suggest several different scenarios that will serve as the basis for the training. The first phase ends with a presentation and a collaborative brainstorming workshop session, on which one of the proposed solutions will be chosen.


Creating a Curriculum

The consultants (lecturers) use the predefined scenario and the details of the analysis process to define the curriculum and the final outcome of every workshop.





Curriculum Implementation

The third and final phase is dedicated to completing the lectures from the curriculum. The knowledge-sharing transfer takes place over a certain period of time using both theoretical and practical approaches, with a focus on practical application. This way, the employees will be equipped to use the curriculum to fulfill the business goals set by the company.


The Main Purpose of This Approach

The main purpose of the training is to create a data science solution for resolving business challenges using the proposed methodology, with the aim of transforming and continuously growing the business. At the same time, the tailor-made approach enables your employees to acquire skills for creating reports, making ad hoc decisions, and optimally using company data.

Filip Petrovski, CEO and co-founder of Data Masters & Data Masters Academy 

„The business goal of the Data Masters Academy is to achieve a strategic partnership with our clients, creating a basis for improving their work with data and its more effective use in everyday operations. Data analytics education is part of the complete methodology of Data Masters’ Self-Service Analytics as a consulting company, which promotes data democratization and helps our clients autonomously use their data. This approach encourages data availability among multiple employees from different units and hierarchies in the company, fostering a culture of quick and efficient decision-making based on a single data source.“

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