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Taking the next step in your existing career or completely switching your career is not a simple decision. Sometimes you have all the information, but the real benefits are not completely clear to make a decision. In some cases maybe it’s not entirely clear which tools or programs you need to learn next to make that crucial step. 

If you are a person who currently works with data or wants to focus on the field of Data Science, but you’re not quite sure how to do it, our career mentor will give you the right direction to build a career and upgrade your current skills and knowledge.

Consultation process

In the form below you can insert your personal information, degree of education, knowledge of programming languages, and additional tools. 

Be precise about the type of advice you need:

  • Additional qualifications for your current position
  • Requalification for a complete career switch
  • In which direction do you want to develop your career

The more detailed you are, the better analysis we can do for you and help you. 

After submitting, the Data Masters career mentor reviews your application and contacts you for a meeting to discuss your next options and improve your career. 

The consultation is free of charge and is part of our commitment to helping individuals build successful careers in the field of Data Science.

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