Data Analytics for Companies

Training with a curriculum for upgrading the skills of your employees, striving to increase their capabilities to effectively and efficiently analyze your company data.

Why Data Analytics for Companies?

Every company creates and works with a large set of data. When this data is used to make business plans and decisions, the threshold for errors decreases, while at the same time, business opportunities increase. Working with large data sets is why the traditional manual way of collecting, storing, and analyzing data in Excel no longer works for companies.

Our experience shows that the combination of SQL, Python, and Power BI produces excellent results in increasing a company’s effectiveness and efficiency.

By using SQL and MS SQL Server, your employees will be able to store, update, and delete different types of data, as well as send queries to the database tailored to your organization’s needs.

The next step is to learn how to use Python to analyze and draw conclusions from the data.

Finally, by using Microsoft Power BI, your employees will be able to visualize the data and display it in an informative and comprehensive manner.

Our Data Analytics for Companies training is a comprehensive program that covers all the crucial aspects that form the foundation of Data Science and Business Intelligence.

This training is focused on the functional details of the technologies and tools and on showing your employees how they can utilize them in everyday work without having previous knowledge.


SQL и MS Server


Microsoft Power BI

Advanced Analytics

Business Sectors Suitable for This Type of Training




Human Resources


Martina Naumovska, co-founder of the Academy and partner at Data Masters

Data Analytics represents a combination of mathematics, programming, and also knowledge of the business to which that combination is applied. Because nowadays, in addition to possessing domain knowledge and knowledge about business processes, it is also necessary to know the tools with which those processes can be optimized, this type of training is an ideal way to unite the two things to create a solution that will be technically usable. Solutions are implemented in companies every day, but the companies that have staff trained to use tools in combination with the domain knowledge they already possess, have a far greater advantage and are more efficient in the process of implementation.

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