Data Masters is expanding in Portugal


After four years of successfully shaping the data-driven reality by working on worldwide projects, Data Masters’ story is getting a new footprint. We are proud that in the past years, we created a team that influenced the change in the business mindset and educated businesses in Macedonia on the importance of making data-driven business decisions. All of this contributed to the expansion of the company, and we are thrilled to announce that Data Masters is opening an office in Lisbon, Portugal.

With a portfolio of 60+ projects (domestic and international), a growing team of 50+ experts in their respective fields, and a strong pipeline of new exciting projects, the company is ready to mark its place in a new business territory by bringing its expertise but also expand the team with Portuguese experts in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence.

„I have had the pleasure of educating myself and gaining valuable working experience in Portugal. Knowing the business possibilities, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this is the right location and the most natural for Data Masters to make the first steps toward its internationalization. From there, we want to reach the market of Western Europe and the UK. We want to bring our expertise but also receive additional knowledge by working with Portuguese experts who will be mentors to our team in Skopje.“ – says Filip Petrovski, CEO of Data Masters.

Two years ago we made the first step toward Portugal acquiring our first Portuguese client, but the uncertainty that COVID brought to the business and economic climate stopped us from proceeding with the expansion in full force. Nevertheless, we knew that we are going to make a serious step in this market, and 2022 is the perfect time to proceed with what we’ve started. By doing this step, our leadership team wants to provide the experience of working with top-notch Portuguese experts for all Data Masters employees.

Our senior BI consultant, Dina Sarovska, who is the first Data Masters employee living and working in Lisbon for over two years, explains the experience:

„The beauty of remote work is its inherent flexibility. Working from sunny Lisbon allows me to experience the warmth of Portugal and its culture while simultaneously delivering value to our clients in the banking sector. This experience made me grow not only personally but also professionally “.


There are many benefits of doing business in Portugal, and many facts prove that.

The Data Science market in Portugal is developed at a very high level and has experts from this field who contribute globally with their knowledge and expertise. Portugal is considered a popular choice for companies who from there, work on major projects for other countries in Europe.

Portugal is also one of the best locations for nearshoring (Siemens, Google, and Bosch are operating nearshoring offices there). The benefit of working closely with the clients with occasional visits is of tremendous value for mutual cooperation and getting the best results – the big IT players know this, as do we. We already have experience working with Portuguese clients and our experience confirms that this approach is highly effective for both sides.

Portugal is considered a country with an excellent ecosystem for startups and IT businesses in general. In order to support this growth, it has outstanding technological infrastructure and accessibility. Add to this the fantastic culture, friendly environment, and setting, and it is no wonder why IT companies are making a move here. Another fun fact is that according to Global Peace Index, Portugal was ranked 4th on the Global Peace Index in 2021.

There are plenty of other reasons why IT companies are choosing Portugal – it has a flexible time zone and a skilled workforce highly proficient in English, which just adds to everything above and to its attractiveness.


The opportunity to work from Portugal as part of our employee benefits and learn from experts in this field is a perk for existing team members and newcomers joining our company. At Data Masters we are building a culture that supports our employees to enjoy the workplace and invest in their growth as professionals and individuals. We aim to provide an opportunity to learn from the best while being able to work and visit one of the most beautiful locations in Europe.

Want to know more about it? We would love to get to know you and tell you everything about this exciting new chapter. Check out the open positions and apply today.


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